About Us

Welcome to The Brand Builders Group:

About Us:

The Brand Builders began as an online marketing agency. To learn more about the brands we serve see here.

The Brand Builders Group has expanded to include our own in-house brands in addition to our exclusive marketing services division.

We’re a group of brands focused on personal and professional development to further serve our clients, customers, families and communities.

Our Values:

  • Family first. We’re a family business. Your family. Our family. We’re family.
  • Always be serving. We are fulfilled by being of service to others.
  • Constant and never ending improvement. The game of work and life is simply a strategic tool to become the people we need to be in our lifetime.
  • Ownership. Become the CEO of your role. You are responsible for your outcomes. Take full accountability in all that you do.
  • No excuses. We operate in a no excuses environment. When something goes wrong we own up to it and commit to putting processes in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again.
  • Professionalism. We become experts in all that we do. We operate in our core competencies. We radiate professionalism in how we compose ourselves and how we communicate. We demand excellence from ourselves and each other.
  • Hunger. You are self-motivated, diligent and seek to achieve results. Opportunity excites you.
  • Joy filled. We’re grateful to God for the amazing gifts and challenges of life. We see everything as the blessing it is.
  • The Creative Process. The creation, birthing and nurturing of  ideas, tasks, projects, children, families and ourselves.

It’s not about what we sell, it’s about who we become in the process.  We believe in the power of being creative working parents whose number one value is personal and professional development.

Whether you are CEO of your role or chief operating officer of your life, you know that success in all these areas starts with working on yourself and achieving constant and never ending improvement.

We strive to be strong women and men, great mothers and fathers, creative powerhouses, intelligent beings and outstanding professionals without compromise.

We seek to maintain the highest standards in all areas of life > Faith, Family, Health, Personal, and Business.

My Story:

The Abraham Family (L-R) Asher, Eitan, Ruthie & Ariella

While I don’t love the (over used) term ‘entrepreneur’ that might be the easiest way to describe what I’ve been since I was 10 years old. My first job was working for my father’s non profit organization. There was no nepotism no here. Whatever job no one else wanted to do went to me. I spent my days folding letter size pages into tri-fold, stuffing it in envelopes, licking them shut (yes, tongue paper cuts and all), labeling and stamping them. My days were blurs of tens of thousands of names in a database that had to be sent a piece of direct mail.

I loved every second of it. Especially when my “promotion” resulted in me being charged with making donation request telemarketing calls. I learned early on that if I developed my “phone voice” no one would ever guess that I had recently celebrated my first double digit birthday. It became a personal challenge of how many calls I could make in an hour.

Fast forward to the ripe age of 13, when I applied for a job in a new Curves location opening up within walking distance of our house. I could sense some confusion on the part of my interviewer when I made a mention of my older brother who was 14. As I sensed I was losing her, I quickly assured her I had already applied for the necessary permits to work as a minor in Washington State. I’ll be forever grateful to the wonderful owners (2 sisters and a daughter) of the franchise that gave me my first opportunity in the “real world”. A commission based sales job selling gym memberships to women wasn’t for the weak of heart but luckily I didn’t know that then.

Some other highlights in my journey as an entrepreneur:

  • Becoming the youngest Avon rep in my territory. (Apparently women like to buy makeup while signing up for the gym!)
  • Working as the executive assistant to the CEO of a mortgage bank as the 2008 mortgage crisis was looming
  • Being the 4th employee of the first daily deal shopping site in the US
  • Running a virtual assistant business after the birth of my fist child

In 2013 as a new parent, I founded The Brand Builders as an online marketing agency. After working on both sides of the marketing vendor relationship, I saw lots of room for improvement in how small to mid size businesses were being served by their marketing agencies. I was committed to building something better. And we did.

Ruthie Abraham

President, The Brand Builders Group